Sunday, 6 July, 2008

Not repeating the mistakes of the past

What is the point of creating something, only to keep it hidden away from public view? The need to make something as 'perfect' as possible before putting it on display has so far only resulted in most of my projects never being seen at all. Some of them admitted are unfocused messes, truthfully not in any state fit to be seen, and possibly never will be. However, some of my other projects had a lot of progress made on them before being set aside, and are quite playable even in their current states, unpolished though they may be. A couple of them were actually close to being finished, at least enough to make some kind of release of them, but for one reason or another, they never seemed to be quite good enough yet, and suffered the same fate as the rest.

With the help of this development blog, I am hoping to avoid this mistake with my current projects. Of course, I didn't exactly intend to abandon my earlier projects either, but there seems to be a limit to how much motivation I'm capable of generating on my own in private. This time however, by announcing the project at an early stage and reporting on my progress as I go, I hope to be able to bypass the whole 'not yet ready for the public eye' issue I have, and actually finish something for once!

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